Sunday, February 22, 2009

Goodbye Goats And Quiche

How nice is it to wake up on Saturday morning to this?

Pretty dang awesome if you ask me.
God I LOVE visiting relatives who feel obligated to treat me like a queen because I am just that cute.
Seriously, thanks Aunt Bonnie, you shouldn't have--but glad you did :)

The only thing better than that was getting to visit with Bonnie's neighbors- Durbin & Thumper.
This is Durbin.

And THIS is Thumper.

Thumper and Pete meeting.

Durbin posing.

Pete & Durbin.

Pete being a freak and pissing off Durbin.

Sorry Durbin, you know how those silly TN. Curs can be!

My friend Chaney came down from Charlotte to visit me too-
this is her dog Deacon meeting Thumper.

And Chaney pretending to like goats.

They really scare her though-which cracked me up.

And this is T-Bow- Bonnie's sweet 10 year old girl wearing the scarf I had made for her.
I crack myself up.

Trying to get all 3 dogs to sit still for a pic. Once again the TN. Cur screwed up the photo.

Bonnie played a fake sh*t prank on Chaney- f-ing hilarious. Check out Chaney's Blog for more pictures.

Had to take a pic of this random building in the middle of a tobacco field.
Because I love it of course.

The weird cloud thingie that appeared Saturday night....supposed to be a snow cloud or something.

Yep-guess that's what is was because we woke up to some snow flurries Sunday morning.

Bonnie presenting her beautiful quiche for Sunday breakfast.....

Seriously, kind of hard to leave all of this spoiling- but I have to.
So after I inhaled some quiche, said goodbye to Chaney, tried to steal a wine glass from Bonnie but got caught, I hit the road to Atlanta.

Goodbye beautiful, peaceful, mountains.

Hello dirty, chaotic, city.

Can't wait for some weird stories from The Big City.

G'night Y'all.


Alix said...

Diane, you are such a loveable freak. So glad we are blog buddies. Keep the good stuff coming. You always make my day.

PS: Is that avocado on your English muffin? I think I love Aunt Bonnie.

Mom L said...

Man, Sis really treated you right! Beautiful quiche!!! The dogs and goats are hilarious - what chaos you would have had if the neighbors' 8 (9 now?) Aussie shepherds had joined the mix!

Yep - you are the weird magnet queen! Wonder what you'll find around here this time? But no stealing from me....

Love you!! And Pete!!

d/iowa said...

alix-why yeas that IS avocado!
mom-i expect the same treatment from you :) LOL!!!

Claire said...

Why do those goats not have their own blog? They are lovely. I insist that their owner commence a blog at once.

Avocado for breakfast is just plain wrong. I prefer ice cream.

beth said...

um,can aunt bonnie have us over next time too?
I might have to take a goat and leave toby in its place!!

Anonymous said...

As long as Toby doesn't "appear" in Iowa all will be ok Beth

Mom L said...

Well, Diane, I had the chili all made in the crockpot for you, but you were just too tired to drive West to Marietta before going South to Sandra's for the night! Unfortunately, you know Bonnie can outdo me on the food preparation any time!!! But Emma might let you play with her cat toys...

Mom L said...

Awww, Anon, you know you'd love another dog!!!