Saturday, December 06, 2008

Have You Ever Kissed A Cow?

My Grandma Ruth always used to say to me, "Each to his own said the old lady as she kissed a cow."
Then she'd ask, "have you ever kissed a cow?"
I'd giggle and say "NO!"
And with a gleam in her eye she'd exclaim, "I have!"

Today Grandma would have been 103 years old. We lost her on 7/10/07, and when I say 'LOST' I mean 'said goodbye'. No, 'LOST' is what the funeral home briefly did with her ashes, but that's another story. She would have found that little incident hilarious though!

Grandma was the most amazing woman I've ever known, my kindred spirit, my inspiration. She taught me to cherish life, to be strong and independent, and to always follow my heart.
I just wish she could have seen our new 'Mayberry' home surrounded by cows and corn, but I know she is here with me in spirit every day.
And I know that she is having a ball watching me adjust to country living.

I found some footage I'd taken of her when she was 100, and put this little clip together last night. God she was so much fun to be around.

Happy birthday Grandma, I sure do wish you were here.
And no, I haven't kissed a cow yet, but I'm working on it.


Mom L said...

You just brought tears to my eyes!! Our dear Mom and Grandma - she is definitely watching you and D enjoying your new home. How she would have loved visiting you!!! You need to find a cow today and kiss it in her honor. She loved the cows she milked when she was young.

Anonymous said...

Too sweet, still miss her. The video reminded me of the time Bonnie and I filmed her saying "Damn Jan!", making fun of Mike. I'm in Charleston for a week but when I get home I'll send it to you....

Sarah Golden said...

Gramma Gramma was the foundation to life as I know it. When she was alive I made a lot of poor choices, always hearing her voice in the back of my head laughing at me and sometimes scolding me. She left without me ever showing her I could live up to all the things she expected from me. With her as my inspiration, within the year after her passing I got my GED, stopped drinking, got a job, moved home to my family after running away for 5 years and enrolled in her college Alma Mater, Mansfield University. Now I am an honor student, a dual major and my life has complrtely changed. She is the driving force behind every good decision I make and I miss her so much. Thanks Diane for the wonderful memories you have caprtured of the woman who were all so very, very blessed to have to thank for our very existence. I have never been so happy and had such a bright future thanks to her. Happy Birthday Gramma Gramma! Love,


clp said...

gd that lady. she rocks.

love, dividend.

Joanna said...

Nobody can take the place of Grandma.

btw, I kiss a goat, SweetPea, on the lips everyday.

Brenda said...

Gramma, now I know you've kissed a cow, but did you ever kiss a fish? I can hear your little screech if we even brought one close to you. Happy birthday dear Gramma and many happy memories to all of us because of you. Love you so much.

Joanna said...

Joanna Wilcox
POB 2317
Boone, NC 28607

Bush Babe said...


Oh, you want cow-kissin'?? Try here:


Lola said...

sigh. i'm crying again. i now know where you got you quick wit missy.

grandma's beautiful.