Saturday, January 03, 2009

2 Tears In A 'Bucket List'

First things first I bought a pack of cigs yesterday and smoked the whole damn thing. As the fabulous Lady Chablis would say, "2 tears in a bucket, mother f*ck it". Rough translation, "Shit happens, but we carry on."

NOTE ******* If you don't have time to read this entire boring post, just scroll to the bottom for my 2 tears in a Bucket List definition.

So I slapped on a patch and went to bed. Now, I'm not sure if it was the guilt or the patch, but I had some weird dreams. Normally the patch gives me groovy, Yellow Submarine type dreams but not last night.

Oh no, last night's feature began with me living in a tiny apartment in NY with my mother! Sorry mom, I love you-but not really an ideal situation for someone my age. LOL. Anyway, my dog Olive was there but she was half bald and her skin was red, then she turned into a cat. Next I was roaming the streets of NY in Daisy Dukes and flip-flops in December! Then I stepped into an elevator on the 11th floor, the doors closed and the elevator fell to the bottom like a 6 Flags ride, but not a fun ride. Somehow I escaped the elevator and went outside to watch a news story of a woman stuck in a glass box, and they were going to assassinate her if she couldn't get out in 5 minutes. She got out in time, everyone cheered, and I took a picture of her with my camera phone but it was blurry. Finally, I was at the mall eating a turkey sandwich when Tyra Banks walked up to the table and sang, 'Baby Got Back' to ME! I had a straw stuck in my teeth so I wouldn't smile. Then a line of friends from High School walked up one by one to give me a hug.


How I wish I could photograph scenes from my dreams. Could someone please invent a brain camera for me?

You're asking how I remember the dream details so vividly, aren't you? Easy, because I woke up at 4:41 then couldn't go back to sleep. I know the exact time because it was so close to my lucky 444 know, my numbers thing. I laid there and my mind just raced with crazy ideas.
I thought about how I would take the dogs for a long walk today for some exercise. I would continue to get my EBAY store together and actually try to sell some of my photographs like I have always talked about, and work on the note cards and other crafty photo ideas I keep thinking about to sell. I would get my photos together to submit to The Loess Hills Calendar. I would make a Bucket List......on and on and on. But then I convinced myself that this was not a sign to get motivated, to forget those crazy ideas, and try to go back to sleep because only triple numbers inspire me...4:41 ideas don't count. Phew, I'd hate to have to work on goals today. So I rolled over to go back to sleep and glanced at the clock- 5:55. Crap, time to get motivated.

So I got up at 5:56 and did a little 'Bucket List' research and read this, "One of the best ways to achieve your own goals is to create public accountability and support by sharing them with a wide audience. To that end, we encourage you to join Your100Things by Caroline Miller and begin creating your life list and encouraging others through Goal Kudos and Cheers!"

I'm not saying I am going to post a list of unrealistic dreams like riding an elephant in Africa or anything, (although I would LOVE to do that)because I know what I want to do and what I need to do and what I should do and what I can to do would equal way too many buckets. And 100 things? Come on.

*****SO-instead of a 'Bucket List' I am going to create a '2 tears in a Bucket List'. That way if I don't achieve everything on the list, I know my life will go on, and that in itself is a pretty good thing. I'm going to include things I have already done on the list too, so I don't get discouraged and beat myself up when I cheat or fail at something new on the list.
My list will have 2 sections: 'Do It' and 'Did It'........and every few weeks on my blog I'll include something I've already done while I work on new goals from my 'Do It' section.

WOW. Long Post. Time to go work on my EBAY room.

But first, here's a 'Did It' from my '2 tears in a Bucket List'.

-Swim with wild Dolphins in Hawaii.

As soon as the dogs get out of bed I will take them for a walk.


Joanna said...

umm boy, I don't even have a tobacco habit but I may slap on patch.

clp said...

whoa mama. have fun walking the dogs. and maybe you should start using caffiene free diet coke with evan?

Claire said...

Wow, psychedelic dreams indeed! Sure you didn't have some special mushrooms in your supper?! I sent you the article about the 4 week supply of nicorette. Bummer about the whole pack, but you can just start over. I'll get my pom poms out and cheer you on.

Mom L said...

OK, so you're human. Everyone slips. The important thing is to not give up. We're all cheering you! Yay - go, Diane! Love you.

Mom L said...

I forgot to comment on your comment about living in NY with me! Did it give you nightmares of living with your Mom after you graduated from college? But we had fun!

Lola said...

awesome. i'm having some "giving up on my dreams/goals" thoughts lately and you've inspired me to stop being a little whiny beeotch and just do what needs to get done. thank you mayberry mama.

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Pete looks like a character, I love that picture of him with his head and ears back. Why is it I always wake up in the middle of good dreams and that is it, end of show... but when I am having bad dreams and wake up, if I go back to sleep they resume where they left off.