Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Atlanta Snow Day

Just my luck to be in Atlanta for blizzard watch 2009.
It RARELY snows here.
But it did this year- March 1st.

Sandra and her dogs enjoyed it!

They got to play while I had to drive to a shoot.

The things I'll do for a buck.

But we had a gorgeous sunset that evening.

Amazing colors.

Even some snowmen were still standing today.

Though most everything else had melted.

And Atlanta kids got out of school.
Cause that's how we roll in the South- school's close down if one little flurry falls.
Gotta love being a kid in GA.


Lola Nova said...

Portland shuts down with the least bit of snow too. Although this year we got a whole bunch of the white stuff and it really did make the city go batty. We just don't have the plow power like other places with regular snow.

I never once had a snow day as a kid. - California beach towns don't get that kinda thing.

Alix said...

Love the sunset photos! Breathtaking. Hey - you're pretty good Diane. Gosh. (Said in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice.)

Mom L said...

I loved the snow! I've been asking for it, but I didn't have to drive in it. Remember some of those weird, sudden blizzards we got over the years? At least now Atlanta has snowplows, but people still empty the grocery store shelves at the slightest threat of a snowflake!!!

Yes - your sunset photos are beautiful -

Julie said...

Hey, Diane! Your mom tipped me off to your snowy photo extravaganza and they are terrific! As kids in Eau Gallie (now Melbourne), we often dreamed of snow 'up north' but I never expected it in Atlanta. You just never know! Ski Atlanta could be the new t-shirt around town!

Bush Babe said...

Too cool... for school! Hah.
Loved your sunset-in-the-snow pics... colours are amazing.

Show us some more of your shoots!!

Mark said...

Love the sunset photos!

Funny how perspective changes as to where in the world you stand. A flurry in GA shuts the world down, while 6 inches in North Dakota is just another day.