Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Lips Are Sealed

Darrin has been working out of town for almost a week now.
Pete longingly stares out the window everyday.....wishing his daddy would come home soon.

Don't ya boy?

What's that Pete?

You DON'T want him to come home?

Because you're enjoying his side of the bed?

And power over the remote?

I don't blame ya.

Don't worry, I won't tell.


Mom L said...

OMG, Pete. Pete. Pete!!! Your Mom and Dad haven't even been married a year yet, and you're trying to come between them? The shame of it all!

Behave yourself. Looks like I'm not coming out there a minute too soon!!!

Grandma L

T Lee said...

Pete...You DOG!!! LOL! D better be careful how long he stays gone at a time. I guess it is Ok until Pete starts growling at him when he nears the bed...HA!

Mom L said...

T Lee - I giggled out loud at your last sentence. Yep, D, you'd better be careful when you get home!

bigheadedbob said...

Great shoot, all that's missing is the bag of peanuts, then you'd have some splaining to do.

Anonymous said...

mm mm mm
while Im away Pete will play

Anonymous said...

bhb thanks for looking out for my nuts, peanuts I mean

Savannah Belle said...

So now that you are home D, where are you sleeping?

Claire said...

Oh Pete, you lover, you can sleep in my bed any ol' time! LOL!

Alix said...

Love the photo of Pete with his feet in the air. Our little pooches get lonely for us when we're gone. Extra kisses!!!!

PS: Your mom said we should compare notes on our speeding tickets. Yeah. I got tagged on Friday the 13th! Only second time in my life and I felt like I killed someone. Oh the guilt.

Jennifer said...

What adorable, adorable pictures! Loved them, he looks so comfy and cute.

Lucy and Ethel said...

The pictures - and Pete - are a scream!