Saturday, March 07, 2009

Big Headed Bob, Togas and Whiskey

Today we received a package from our friends in Florida- Tom, Tom & Big Headed Bob.
We met them last year on the Cayamo Cruise, and loved them so much we have kept in touch through email.
They went on the cruise again this year, and since we couldn't make it this time they sent some cruise fun to us.

OMG it was the best package EVER.

We also want to wish POPS (Tom Sr.) A VERY HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY TODAY !!!!!


So Tom, we followed the instructions and stayed up 'till midnight tonight just for you, and we took Big Headed Bob on a tour of 'Mayberry' too.

Here are some pictures just for you:

☺The package

☺The letter

☺The white trash stuff

☺Big Headed Bob & Pete

☺Big Headed Bob

☺Pete got leid

☺Bob on our fridge

☺Bob on our truck.

☺Bob on the work truck

☺Bob in the Jeep

☺Bob admiring the Jeep

☺Pete & Bob in the Jeep

☺Pete telling Bob not to roll the Jeep like we did.

☺Bob & cows.

☺Bob and our street sign- yes FOUR Orange ave's.

☺Me and Bob

☺Bob teasing Pete, making him run with the Jeep.

☺We made a fire outside, drank some whiskey, and tried to wear the togas.


☺I said we tried!

☺We had fun though

Thanks Tom, Tom & B.H.B. for the most exciting Mayberry night we have had in a very long time!

SH*T, probably was THE most exciting night so far!

Can't wait to see your cruise pics, and I LOVE the cd's. Did you enjoy Zac Brown?

Thanks again! We love you guys!!


Anonymous said...

WOW - what fun!

Lola said...

bob's got big boobs, too.

Mom L said...

BHB meets the genuine Tennessee Mountain Cur!!! What amazing friends - thinking of you while they're on a cruise!! You really know how to live it up on your deck in corn country!!! Love you...

Mom L said...

Forgot - Happy Birthday, Tom Sr!!!!!

Anonymous said...

FYI and to whom it may cocern, the fire was in the yard, not on the deck. Smokey Bear says only you can prevent prarie fires.

Mom L said...

Oops. Sorry, Anon, dear favorite SIL, I thought of that after I typed it. Unless the fire was in the grill, that wouldn't have worked!!!

Lola Nova said...

That is just plain awesome!

bigheadedbob said...

Just got my funny back before the cruise. But have to let you know BHB goes on the back of the jeep, sideways. so when you roll it over he will be upright. Glad you liked it. Cruise pictures soon.

Anonymous said...

bhb it is time for you to see Iowa first hand........ you are welcome anytime,,
bring tom amd tom
and sorry to miss the cruise but you did meet my musical hero lyle,
I met him last time, short aint he.