Tuesday, March 03, 2009


"I am Mr. Ming Yang,I have an obscured business

suggestion for you.Yourservices will be paid"

The above quote is from an email in my spam folder.
The picture was taken by my friend Sandra on her trip to Thailand.
Two completely different things with nothing in common.
I just think they are hilarious together.

I left Atlanta today and am headed back to Iowa. I only made it to Nashville tonight which means tomorrow will be a LONG day.

I'm going to try to steer clear of No-Doz though!


Claire said...

I hope you got a quieter hotel this time. Drive carefully! It's gonna be nice here tomorrow and Thursday! Like, warm even! Tell DH not to take the Jeep out for a spin, OK?

Mom L said...

Happy trails - thanks for bringing Pete to meet his other Grandma! Ditto on Claire's comment - have a safe and quiet trip with your genuine Tennessee Mountain cur!!! Love you!

T Lee said...

Hey Mom L..thansk for your comments and stopping by to read my bloggy! I love it! Friend me on FB or something.

Oh and D...yes, happy trails. Stay safe!