Monday, March 09, 2009

Mural Mystery Solved!

Guess what?
I found the Artist who created my 'Giant Mad Girl'!
His name is John Cerney and you can check his work out HERE.
Click on his Photo Gallery then scroll to 'Large Cutouts' where you will find 'Crying Little Girl'... that's the proper name for my 'Giant Mad Girl'!

This image from his website shows how the original scene looked in 1997, the girl was added later.

"Iowa Landscape- 1997. A non-commissioned scene on a farm in western Iowa. Cerney convinced the parents of an ex-produce worker friend to allow him to place this unusual domestic scene on the edge of their farm off Highway 30, near Dunlap, Iowa. 16 feet tall, the man is hanging an Iowa landscape painting in front of an actual Iowa landscape. The Heins are posed in the foreground, owners of the farm. This scene was replaced in 1999 by the Little Girl Crying, and the landscape scene now sits in front of a picture frame shop in Salinas, CA."

OMG I love this guy and his Giant Cut-Out Art!

Someday I have to find more of his Murals, especially his 'Big Baby with Tractors', 'Treasure Hunt', and 'Marilyn Monroe with Artichokes'!!!


Joyce said...

That was such a good website. I can't imagine how he does all that. Do you suppose they have to be touched up from time to time? Maybe you should get a Tenn. Mtn Cur one for your yard!

Can't imagine the cost or the time required to get them done.

Thanks for sharing, I like the old lady with the flowers. Very peaceful looking.

bigheadedbob said...

WOW, that's great, just thinking of a giant Jeep on its side, Darrin strapped inside, with Diane taking pictures.

Mom L said...

Darrin strapped inside hanging upside down by his seat belt!!!

How about giant cut-out thingies of all 3 curs?

How did you find out who the artist is? Amazing work. Love you!!!