Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Ever-Constant Friend

Banjo just told me that he's been feeling a little left out lately, mostly because I haven't mentioned him awhile.

So today's post is dedicated to Banjo... my ever-constant friend.

"Tis pity not to have a dog, for at the
long day's end, The man or boy will
know the joy, Of welcome from a friend.
And whether he be rich or poor, Or much
of little bring, The dog will mark his
step and bark, As if he were a King.
Though gossips whisper now and then,
Of faults they plainly see, And some
may sneer, from year to year, My dog
stays true to me. He's glad to follow
where I go, And though I win or fail,
His love for me he'll let me see, By
wagging his tail. Now if I were to list
the friends Of mine in smiles and tears,
who through and through are staunch and
and true, And constant down the years,
In spite of all my many faults,
Which critics catalog, Deserving blame,
I'd have to name My ever-faithful dog.
"Tis pity not to have a dog, Whatever be
his breed, for Dogs possess a faithfulness,
Which humans sadly need. And whether
skys be blue or gray, Good luck or ill
Attend, Man's toil by day, a dog will stay,
His ever-constant friend.

~Edgar A. Guest

You're a good boy, Banjo.


T Lee said...

That is so sweet. Banjo is feelin' the love. Cute pictures, too. He looks so reflective......

bigheadedbob said...

Love both the pics, brought a tear to my eyes. Reminded me of Moon Dog,my best friend of 15 years, haven't replaced her, only cause she can't be. Love what you have, cause you don't when your mother might move next door

Mom L said...

Thanks, BHB.

Banjo always was the serious one! Grandmas aren't supposed to have favorites, but he was my first - I love him!

Claire said...

Oh Banjo, you're so handsome! We love you buddy!

Anonymous said...

He is dreaming of his old pal, mentor, but mostly friend, Lucky dog! We all miss you Lucky!

Savannah Belle said...

You know D, I was thinking exactly the same thing! Great minds think alike. An inherited trait. Lucky was one of the best dogs. He was grateful for every day of his life after you found him. Banjo & Olive appreciate their home and Pete is getting better--I hope. There has to be one in every family.

bigheadedbob said...

sORRY mOMl, tHAT wAs ThE BrUWN aScID tALkINg dID'nT KnOW We CouLD gET tHat STufF HEar. hAD To CAlL My AGenT HE fOUnD sOMe For mE.i tHInK iT'S gREAT yOUr GoINg NoRtH.

Mom L said...

BHB, you should ask Tom Sr. about the brown acid - we old folks remember the days...not that I ever did anything like that, even though I lived in Berkeley in the late 60s!!!

Anyway, I'm sure he can tell you what to avoid!!!