Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Melting!

I stood on the deck for a good 15 minutes last night,
hoping to get an awesome tornado picture.

And I waited.

I think I caught some lightening though.

Then the sun came back out.

My first Iowa tornado.


Claire said...

Yup. Told ya! Those "tornado watch" things are not enough to even look ou the window. Now, when you get a "tornado warning" that means there has been one spotted somewhere, and you should probably pay attention. Generally, this happens in the middle of the night. The weather radio wakes us up and we listen to see where it is, and decide whether to go back to sleep or drag our sorry butts to the basement...

Lola Nova said...

While you may be dissapointed, I for one am glad it was just a passing cloud and that you are all safe.

Mom L said...

I'm with Lola Nova! We've had enough tornadoes, watches and warnings in Atlanta! Remember the damage over the years? When I came back from MD to visit around '96 or '97, over half the houses in Dunwoody had blue tarps over them. I can remember getting off the train from my job downtown Atlanta when you were in high school, and discovering extensive damage all the way home.

I hope Onawa's sirens can be heard in Turin, or do you need to follow Claire's example and keep a weather radio on?

Be very glad it whispered away!!! Love you!

Mark said...

Great photos. Be careful with tornado watching.