Friday, March 13, 2009

Holy Geese & Mystery Photo Winner

Any idea what Pete is looking at?

Looks pretty interesting!

Holy Geese!

Walking on water...

Well, frozen water.
Aren't they cute though?


OH! And the winner of my Mystery Photo Contest was T LEE.
She guessed it was a pic of my windshield while I was in a car wash.....she gets an 8x10 print of her choice, which I know will be of her adorable boy Jackson-because I just did a shoot with her when I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago.


Which one is it gonna be? ; )

Thanks for all of the hilarious guesses- I will have another contest soon!


bigheadedbob said...

So am I still in the finals for the name of the contest? I want a photo to, and can't wait any longer, dad said to go to bed

Savannah Belle said...

Congrats T Lee! What a beautiful little boy! I thought you would be the winner. I love this contest, don't you? Hope the new one startts TODAY! Remember, I don't have a life!

T Lee said...

Yay! I'm a weiner!!!

T Lee said...

Oh...and that IS alot of geese...must be heading down here.

Yep, love that fountain one! The suspended water is what gets me.

Mom L said...

Congratulations, T Lee - AND Jackson!

Di, I love the geese on the ice. Reminds me of the first time I saw flocks of birds - mostly seagulls! - walking on the iced over reflecting pool at the Capitol in DC.

Savannah Belle said...

The pics of the geese are so pretty. Big D's uncle wrote a book "In Search Of The Canada Goose". Pete found them. Bud is from southern IL where there are so many of them and the guys used to hunt them!

Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern, I have relocated. That is all.

Mom L said...

Dear Anon:


Savannah Belle said...

did you leave a forwarding address?