Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cows & Pigs

I finally made it home today after about 13 hours of driving.
At one stop I was informed that Pete's breed is called an "American Who Knows"-
Now THAT'S a good one!

And I'm so glad the end of my trip included a big cow sighting.

She must be Albert's soulmate!

I also had a big pig sighting......

Thanks Officer Fife...I almost made the entire trip without a ticket.


Nancy Craig said...

I loved your rearview mirror pic. I had one of those recently. Glad you are home safely. Say hi to your Mom.

Mom L said...

I'm so glad you made it with just a ticket - no extra animals!!! Your giant cow looks pissed - do you think Albert stood her up? Where's her udder?

Hi, Nancy Craig!

Love you, Di.....

Savannah Belle said...

Glad you are home safe & sound. How fast were you driving? Seems like 13 hours from Nashville is pretty fast time!

I know Banjo & Olive were happy to see you. Was D home?

Jennifer said...

The rear-view picture is great, I know the ticket wasn't though! That giant cow is just too cool!

Alix said...

What? No nads this time? I guess nads are so yesterday.

Sorry about the ticket. At least you had the good sense to document the bad luck in your REAR VIEW MIRROR. As in, what's past is past.

Glad you made it home safe, if not a little poorer.

Alix said...

Oh. It was a cow.


Claire said...

I, too, am distressed at the lack of udder pictures. Perhaps it was just that my goat's udders were so good, you knew you couldn't get any better. I understand. :-)

Glad you're back safe, and hope Officer Fife was at least cute.