Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Borderline Selfish

Many moons ago when I was in college, I did something really stupid.

Actually, I did many stupid things in college, this one thing was just really stupid.

It was SO stupid that my Aunt Bonnie felt the urge to write me a letter to communicate her sheer disappointment in me. I still have the letter to this day.

Here's my favorite part:

It says, "I've called you borderline selfish before-are you now thinking about anyone besides yourself?"

Wow. Talk about guilt.

18 years have gone by and Bonnie and I can now laugh about the infamous 'Borderline Selfish' lecture.

So today I'd like to share an example of me being borderline selfish...this one's for you Bonnie.

No doggies-none for you!

All mine!





Not yours!!!!!!


Jennifer said...

Only one picture of those cute dogs today? That is borderline selfish! ;o)

artis1111 said...

I have three so does that make me borderline too!!!hehe Cute dogs. Kathy

clp said...

LOL. i love bonnie. that's awesome.

Lee of MWOB said...

I love Aunt Bonnie too!! I think I'm gonna use Aunt Bonnie's line on my kids!! I don't know if it will work though!!

And great pic...

bigheadedbob said...

That made me laugh, almost like sneaking into Aunt Bonnie's yard and lifting your leg on her favorite flowers. Where is the picture of the stupid thing you did? If you don't have one, let us know what year and College, and we can find it on classmates.com

Anonymous said...

pick a date bhb and I will tell you what thing took place on that day,
its really not that hard!

Mom L said...

What were you eating that you wouldn't share with my granddogs?!!

And oh, yeah, I could tell more stories, too. But only Aunt Bonnie would call you on it - I was the pushover who spoiled you!

Love you!

beth said...

check writing incidence?im guessing.
nuff said!

Alix said...

You are so not hoarding food from those poor dogs, aren't you?

Your Aunt Bonnie is freakin Mother Theresa compared to my Aunt who used to accuse me of stealing! It started when I was 8 and was accused of stealing mustard out of her refrigerator (her husband took it on an ice fishing trip). I was always innocent, but she kept on accusing me continuing until I was in college! I guess I was a convenient target because I was a spunky kid.

During summer break before my Junior year in college, I flew (at my own expense) from Florida to NY to assist my elderly grandmother as she traveled home and was later accused of stealing $100 from her while I was there. That was the final straw for me and I finally stood up to my Aunt and told her NOT to bother calling to apologize when she found the money. Of course the money was later found in an envelope covertly hidden in Granny's bra drawer, and I got the call anyway. But it was the last time I was ever accused.

Glad you and Aunt Bonnie are on good terms. My Aunt and I are too, but the memories still make me cringe and wonder how I could be continually misjudged like that by someone who was supposed to love me.

And by the way... who the fuck steals mustard?

Joyce said...

Whatever you did to get this accusation has to be somewhat minimized by being 12 weeks SMOKE FREE, doesn't it? Congratulations on a huge milestone!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I'm an only child so it's socially acceptable to be called selfish by everybody. I don't share so much with humans but I have 3 dogs, 60 chickens, 4 turkeys, and 5 goats that I happily share with. Oh, and a husband, almost forgot him.

Lola said...

dude, offline -- what the hell did you do? send me that in an email cause i want to know what kind of horrible things you're capable of. :0)

Anonymous said...

lola I have scars as proof of some of the horrible things