Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easy Breezy

Yesterday we had 45 MPH winds ALL DAY LONG.

You're wondering what 45 MPH winds look like?



Alix said...

Yeah, well at least you weren't in the Gulf of Mexico in 45 mph winds trying to catch fish.

Windburned Larry sends his love.

Mom L said...

Did the wind blow away your beetles? I think I see one in your hair! Hey, this could be a mystery photo!!!

Love you!

bigheadedbob said...

You could have made a day of it in the basement, cleaning. Well that's what I hear about Iowa. Sorta like your mom telling you to wear clean underware, in case you end up in the ER. Don't want to have to get dug out of a dirty basement, by the first responders after a twister.

Lola Nova said...

Did the wind cry Mary?

& no, the quilt will not be a giveaway, it's not even an actual quilt yet but, you may get something extra along with the critters I'm makin'.

artis1111 said...

That is why I have LOTS OF HATS!Kathy

Anonymous said...

Diane loloa nova is making a jimi hendrix reference, knew you might not get that one.
baby daddy