Thursday, April 30, 2009

Corn Thief

Remember when I shellacked those gourds and corn things a few months ago? If not, you can refresh your memory HERE.

Anyway, I'd forgotten about the corn...I had left them in a basket on the front porch and I just noticed them today.

Notice anything strange about 4 of them??

OMG some animal ate the shellacked corn! That is hilarious!

I wonder if the animal pooped shellacked turds?


Lola Nova said...

Oh I'm sure of it. Keep your eyes peeled for shiny corn droppings.
Too Funny!

beth said...

im sure it was one of the doggies!
our dogs would eat the corn out of the poop..they are gross,but i love them anyway.

Anonymous said...

theif? or

T Lee said...

i before e, except after c

d/iowa said...

dammit i can't believe i did that! ok it's fixed now.



Mom L said...

So that's why your Dad emailed me about theif - I thought HE spelled it wrong in his email! (Sorry, Carl!) Just getting home, just saw the post. Good thing you were caught before I saw it. Although, wait, just remembered that you made me promise not to correct your spelling in your first post: Therefore I cannot correct you when you're wrong!

I'd think the dogs or squirrels or deer would have tummy aches from the shellac!

Lola said...

ooooh, i hope you don't step in any shellacked poop. it'll hurt.

Alix said...

Well, maybe the shellack is a good source of fiber? A good tooth polish? Look for critters with healthy colons and radiant smiles. That should narrow down the suspect list.

clp said...

what if it was the corn donkey?????