Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Asparagus Haiku

Dinner is ready.
Asparagus and pork chops.
Can't wait to go pee.


Savannah Belle said...

Thanks a whole lot!! You know I am not allowed to cook right now and your FIL isn't very creative. In fact I should be able to loose a few lbs but I am starving! Now be honest, who did the cooking?

d/iowa said...

aw MIL you KNOW who did the cooking!
not me!

Mom L said...

As always, my perfect SIL outdid himself! Does this mean he'll cook like this for me after I move? I can always bribe one of the dogs to call me when dinner's on the grill, and I'll just show up.....

Love you!

Alix said...

Healthy and tasty (I'm assuming)! Makes a good photo anyway.

PS: I tagged you on my blog today. Check it out: