Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pink Magnolias

One thing I haven't missed about Atlanta is the first few weeks of spring where EVERYTHING is covered in pollen. It's horrible. For some strange reason there is no pollen here... I'm sure there is a logical explanation as to why we don't have pollen here, I just haven't bothered finding that out.

One thing I have missed though is the smell of one of my favorite trees....the magnolia. I haven't seen one since we moved and just assumed they must be a southern tree.

Well today I learned something wonderful. I learned that there ARE magnolias here....

they're just pink!!!!!

Aren't they gorgeous?

I'm tickled PINK!!!!! Hardy yar har.

But seriously, that totally made my day today.


Mom L said...

They're lovely! I know you're going to find more beautiful signs of Spring out there, and you definitely have to be ecstatic not to find horrid yellow pollen on every surface and IN everything! It even coated the inside edge of the pop-open cover to my gas tank!!! It oozes in through everything!

Love you!

Claire said...

Seriously! They are in the magnolia family, but here they call them tulip trees. And we are not covered in pollen YET! Just wait until the corn gets going....

Savannah Belle said...

Our magnolias are full of buds but not blooming yet. The blooms are all white. But I love the tulip trees because of the color.

Just think, no yellow pollen, no allergies.

bigheadedbob said...

They also come in red,purple and yellow. If the blooms are 3-6" wide it is a hybrid magnolia nicknamed tulip tree, if 8-12" it is a true magnolia, size does matter. If yo had snow a few weeks ago, it would be a little early for the big ones. Might have those to look for in a couple weeks though, as they grow in your state.