Friday, April 17, 2009

Oops- I Did It Again

I wanted to introduce y'all to the FOUR new cops I have met since our move to Iowa.

#1- Met this one last fall, he was super nice... and D was actually driving so this doesn't really count against me personally. He gave us a warning.

#2- I was almost home from my Atlanta road trip last month- this guy busted me in MO about 4 hours from home. He DID NOT give me a warning however.

#3- This happened about 1 week after #2- and this nice guy only gave me a warning.

#4- Yesterday- about 3 miles from home. Can you believe this cop's printer was not working, so he did not issue me a citation??? OMG! he said, "well this is your lucky day."

Lucky Indeed.

I am NEVER speeding again. I am officially aware that my luck has probably run out after this.......4 cops and only 1 ticket.


Alix said...

God I hate you. I got stopped for speeding one time in the last 25 years and got a ticket.

You must be a helluva lot younger/cuter/nicer than me. Yeah, that's it.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

be like me, start driving an old pickup truck.

Mom L said...

I KNEW you took after me in some way - but you almost got a ticket for me when you told the Smyrna, GA cop that it wasn't fair that I didn't get tickets - when you were what, 17? And remember your very first ticket? In Panama City? When your license was so new it was just paper?!!!

Lola Nova said...

Smokey and the Bandit!

Like the new look and that header photo is gorgeous!

bigheadedbob said...

#4 My how things have been so computerized, remember my friend getting pulled over near New Orleans in 1982, the cop had to call for back-up, to write the ticket, he couldn't read or write. This was a state cop! So I guess when they say computers make our lives easy, they are talking Diane.

Bush Babe said...

I cannot believe you are taking photos of these guys and they are letting you off... our local dude has NOT got a sense of humour like that. There would be a seperate ticket issued for it I am sure... he used a siren and flashing lights to stop someone on a MOPED in town the other day, going about 10km/hr. I kid you not...