Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Toy Society and Jesus

I've recently learned of this wonderful thing called The Toy Society.

Now, you have to understand how hilarious it is to think of me
SEWING something. I simply am NOT talented like that.

But since I love The Toy Society so much I am going to attempt to sew a toy for it. I just ordered THIS for ideas, so as soon as it arrives let the sewing begin!
Don't worry, I'll take pictures of the entire process for entertainment purposes.

It's gonna take a miracle for me to pull this one off, so I thought Giant Jesus would be an appropriate 'Did It' for today from my '2 tears in a Bucket List'.

# 13- Find Giant Jesus in Mexico.

You can read more about the 70 foot Jesus


Mom L said...

Of COURSE you're going to start with a sock monkey! What else? But, uh, Punkin, last I heard you didn't have a sewing machine - are you going to stitch it by hand? Cool! Love you.

d/iowa said...

shit! i need a sewing machine? nooooooooooooooooo!

Lola Nova said...

You can do it! I just finished drawing up the pattern for my chicken for the toy society. I might try to work it up this weekend.
Check your classifieds for a machine. Oh Wait, ask one of the sweet little quilting ladies to borrow one.

Savannah Belle said...

One of D's very first toys was a sock monkey which believe it or not still sits on the shelf in the toy closet today. It was handmade by D's great-grandmother. Given the age of it, it sits high enough that the children can't reach it! Don't look now but our Di is becoming domesticated!

d/iowa said...

i can't wait to see the chicken!

and phyllis- d's first toy was a sock monkey? omg you know sock monkeys are my favorite things in the world? i might be stealing it the next time we visit :)

Mom L said...

Well, baby, I still have my sewing machine! It's small and portable, and coming to Iowa with me. But you can sew a toy by hand - wouldn't take that long.

So, Big D had a sock monkey? Just proves you 2 were meant for each other!!!

bigheadedbob said...

Had a dozen of those socks in high school, trying to be different. It worked, never got a date. But it will be fun trying to guess the mystery photo contest when she gets the first one done! Love ya triple D's

T Lee said...

Ha! Bigheaded Bob! I am NO sewing wizard, either, but hey, I did recently sew, by hand, a stuffed little guitar in guitar fabric for my cousin's baby shower. The fabric matched the nursery/crib set that mommy made herself. I made a pattern from a toy guitar of Jackson's. I know, I know....I am Da Bomb!! Daddy LOVED it as well as everyone else who saw I am still quite pleased with myself. You can see it on my blog at title of the post is A Small Word That Was A Big Surprise

Lauren said...

Have you seen Giant Jesus and his Mother Giant Mary yet,
they're in Sioux City

The boys ran all over their lawn and I didn't see all the gigantic "keep off the grass" signs till I was buckling their seatbelts for the trip home.
So I felt guilty and sent the little ones over to the contributions box with dollars.