Friday, April 10, 2009

Dong Laler?

Saw this today.

Too bad I'm knocked up.
A girl sure could have some dirty fun in a joint like this.


Lola Nova said...

This is Lola Nova's husband...I am stealing her account while she is out shopping. Just wanted to say that I like the sign but love getting drunk while doing laundry.

bigheadedbob said...

LN would not be happy! she is going to runaway with BHB! now that we got that out of the way, Diane, what did the other side of the sign say. V gin d ks s v r d he e?

bigheadedbob said...

I know there's a knocked knocked joke there somewhere, help

Lola Nova said...

Ha! I'm gone on a grocery trip and Mr. Nova sneaky pants gets up to all sorts of trouble. It's alright tho', I'll let it slide this time.

He does love to get drunk while doing laundry. Wait, when was the last time he did laundry?

Mom L said...

I've been dining out with friends - I'm too tired to be clever! That sign looks like it should be next to the one I saw the other day in my neighborhood:
"Tatoos by Ho"

Bush Babe said...

Ummmm... am I the only person who missed when you announced your pregnancy?? Too exciting... more details!!!

PS That sign was funny too... but I got distracted with the 'knocked up'... does it mean the same in America as Australia??