Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sew What?

Believe it or not I've made 2 blankets in my lifetime...and i use the term MADE very loosely.

There is a super easy pattern called the "no-sew fleece blanket".
Seriously, even a monkey could do it.

So yesterday I found some really cute pink fleece with the John Deere logo in chocolate brown, my 2 favorite colors together are pink and brown ya know.

I know, I know...

Anyway, I thought it would make a really cute baby blanket.

I know, I know....
what if it's a boy. Yeah Yeah, settle down.
I picked out blue with brown polka dots for one side of it.

I finished it a few minutes ago and had the dogs model in front of it for you.
Isn't it cute?

Notice anything wrong?

John Deere is backwards! OMG I suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought about completely undoing and fixing it...but then i just busted out laughing thinking about what perfect sense it makes coming from me.

If it's a boy it will be even funnier. Poor little guy in his backwards pink John Deere blankie. Might as well give him a creepy doll too at that point. :)


beth said...

omg!! first off...I dont care if the logo is backwards(although its hilarious as shit)but that is a cool ass blanket and such a great idea!!!
Will you make me one for next baby?Maybe no backwardy!! hahah..omg..wouldve LOVED to see your face once you noticed that.haha! just great!

Lola Nova said...

I think it's beautiful!

Mom L said...

That is sooo funny, you don't even know the half of it. When I made your Holly Hobby dress (in 1975? 76?) I cut the sleeves without checking the direction of the pattern, then realized that meant the HH pattern was wonky for one. Had to buy more material. Even with the logo mix-up, your blanket looks a lot better than things I made! It's sweet - even the dogs like it. Just tell the baby it's meant to be seen in a mirror.

Mom L said...

Forgot to mention that I love my Shrek fleece blanket, and Grandma adored the one you made for her.


Savannah Belle said...

I love it!! You have become so domesticated! Sock monkey, blankets. What's next? I am still laughing at the expression on your cousins face in yesterdays blog. Scared too death!

bigheadedbob said...

Well a little slow, missed the belly laugh post.We are so happy for you all! Pop did the math, and came to the conclusion that you had a real good Toga party on his B-day. Whole lot of white trash going on that night,is his guess. The pregnancy test was a joke, didn't think you would put it to the test. As far as the blanket goes, it is a testament of what 2 hands can do when they have baby on the brain. Love it, love you guys. T&T&BHB

Lola Nova said...

For some reason, all these comments are making me feel all...well kinda smooshy. and I think I love bigheadedbob. Don't tell ok?

Alix said...

I LOVE the blanket!!! What a friggen hoot, Diane! I agree, keep the John Deer pink camo fleece side backward. It's so much more charming that way... and comes with a ready-made story.

Sometimes the biggest miscues turn into the best memories. Case in point... my wedding story. If you never got the pleasure, please read about it here:

It will make you cherish your backward blanket.

And just so you know... I would special order a backward blanket from you... that's how cute it is.

Joyce said...

The blanket is beautiful. She won't be able to read for awhile so she won't even notice that the letters are backwards!

What about these sock monkeys?

Mark said...

Very cute! I like the fact that John Deere is backwards!

Jennifer said...

I think it is really cute, backwards or not!