Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Shrivel Me This

Remember when I was feeling all 'country-fied' a few months ago and decided to shellac some gourds? If you don't then click HERE. Anyway, I was so proud for doing something creative and artsy and fun with God's little gifts from the earth and all.
Well here is what they look like now-

WTF? They are shriveled and moldy now!

WHY didn't someone tell me I had to dry them or somehow get the innards out or whatever else I was supposed to do first?

I need to go back to my happy place now, so here's one of my favorite 'Did Its' from my '2 tears in a Bucket List'
#5- Jump out of a plane!


Mom L said...

Poor Punkin. Or, Poor gourd! I believe I did tell you, but only after you had already proudly shellacked them. But I've never done it myself, and I don't remember what Grandma did when she decorated gourds and made things out of them. Remember my motto? This experience will build character! Or, moldy gourds. Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

ok, all is not lost. open the gourds and collect the seeds. you can dry them on newspaper in a sunny location. early next spring start them indoors and then transplant outdoors. And please share the seeds with you loving MIL!! i would love to have some. i will give you further instructions at a later date.


Claire said...

Oh dear. They look very sad now. I think it was a good learning experience. Now you will be able to tell us all how to shellac our own gourds. I might grow gourds this year. Goats eat gourds.

I LOVE your quit smoking counter. You rock! 4 days and more! Way to go!!!

I have never understood the urge to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, but hey, I applaud you for doing it.

Lola said...

jumping out of planes is insane and i love that you did that. i would have floated to earth followed by a trail of pee.

Diane L. Dodd said...

i'll have to dig them out of the garbage- i didn't know i could save the seeds!
and claire- my quit smoking calendar was wrong- i did quit on saturday but then un-quit on sunday. then quit again yesterday morning. i felt so guilty i had to change it to the real date.
phew, i feel better now.

Anonymous said...

Dear friends, notice the E-bay meter is at zero, look forward to everyones participation.


Claire said...

Dear Anonymous Husband,

How can we help if there is no link to the eBay store?

Diane L. Dodd said...

haha! i am so proud of darrin for leaving a comment-claire- as soon i have the store ready i'm going to post a link-i'm going to have some funny stuff for sale- a virtual garage sale.

Claire said...

If you have any old wood tools, Kelly wants first dibs. I said I thought it was unlikely but he is always on the prowl.