Friday, January 23, 2009

15 Seconds of Non-Lucrative Fame

So once again some random person found a pic on my Flickr page and asked if they could use it on their website....and once again of COURSE there is no cash involved. I only get photo credit, which in this case is pretty funny since you can't really read the credit they added to it anyway. Click HERE to see for yourself.
And even funnier is that it was just a stupid camera phone picture!

Oh how I love having my unreadable name plastered on a camera phone picture!!!
Moving on.
So today I asked Pete if he had any ideas for a store name before I made my final decision, and he asked if it was OK for him to use my laptop for some research. Of COURSE it was. So he logged on and said, "leave it to me momma, I have an idea."

(OMG- I totally did did NOT photoshop the wink- how perfect is that?)

Anyway, Pete was all like, "remember this picture you took a few years ago when you were driving cross country with Susie to Montana?"
So I put down the camera and walked over to see what he was looking at. I had totally forgotten about this picture....

I think Pete might be on to something!
Minus the 'discount' of course.

And thinking about that road trip also reminded me of another random 'Did It' from my '2 tears in a Bucket List'.......

Visit the Grand Tetons.


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Pete, so smart today
Diane's This & That ebay
commission - your pay

Claire said...

At least the part of the photo credit that actually has your name is readable. That is the important bit.

A week and 2 days smokeless - AWESOME! You rock! Glad the patches arrived.

Pete should not be listened to over and above your legal advisor. You have been warned. ;-)

Diane L. Dodd said...

joanna- i just saw your comment on claire's page and was about to ask you to write a haiku for me! glad i checked mine first. love it!

claire- i know i know- priceloess is so good. but i'm worried common folk that aren't familiar with my blog will think i can't spell. which is true- because i can't.


Lola Nova said...

I have seen your comments on Claire's blog so many times but, I just got around to visiting your blog. Holy Cow Woman! You've got some mad talent in the photo taking department.
I can't wait to have time to read your back posts, I shall return.

Oh, and congratulations on the non-smoking. I'm still working on that myself.

Claire said...

OK, so you have 2 choices then:

1. People say "Oh, you can't spell" and you say "Yes I can, I live in the Loess Hills...blah blah blah"

2. People say "Where did you come up with your eBay store name?" and you say "My dog named it for me."

Riiiiight. I can see why you would want to choose #2.

P.S. I think we need to put Joanna under observation - it's possible she's got one of those psychological things going on, like when people can only communicate in rhyming sentences. I think she can only communicate in Haiku now. Is this contagious?

Anonymous said...

Even with a camera phone, you are great. I love that picture of Pete--but weren't you worried about that laptop on the arm of the sofa! s.b.

Mom L said...

Slowly surfacing from days of the sick crud, but wanted to check in on your delightful tales. What does Banjo think of Pete getting to use your computer? I can see him pouting on your bed. Olive, of course, wouldn't give a hoot! Love you!

Savannah Belle said...


Susie said...

Love that Diane's This or That - that was in the middle of NOWHERE!! Such a great roadtrip!