Thursday, January 01, 2009

Resolution Time

Happy New Year people!
It's resolution time once again, and maybe if I have an encouraging audience this year, I might actually stick to mine for more than a week.
So here we go:

#1 Stop this:

#2 Drink less of this:

#3 Do more of this:(sadly I couldn't find a pic of me exercising-shocker)

#4 Sell more and buy less on this:

I read this interesting article on blogher the other day. It said "the typical person has 50 unused items worth $3,000 right in their homes, according to eBay".
SERIOUSLY? I am SO cleaning house today and getting an EBAY store in order. PRONTO.
But first I am going to attempt to cook some collards and black eyed peas. Check back tomorrow for the results of that disaster!


Brian said...

Great resolutions, all of them! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on Iowa -- it's definately a cool place. Im just a little north of you in a Minneapolis suburb.

Joanna said...

have ya smoked one today?

Bush Babe said...

Is it wrong that I love the smoking pic?? Hmmm. I don't smoke but I do enjoy a good macro ash shot!!! Hah!

Good luck with the resolutions... might pop a couple of mine up later today...


Mom L said...

Wow - after I worked hard to kick the habit before you were born, I still find that shot fascinating! OK - my res is to not need a 2-hour nap when I come home from a holiday dinner with friends! Yawn. Can't wait to hear about your own holiday dinner! Love you!

Claire said...

Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with quitting. I mean, you can't come and visit the farm otherwise, and since your mom is going to come visit, you must come as well. Besides, Iowa is not very smoke friendly, and you will save money, and you will smell better, and you will have a better sense of taste, and you will have better health. There is that new program here in Iowa for getting a free supply of Nicorette....did you hear about it today? Do it! I'm supporting you my Iowa buddy! Your eBay thing is so funny because I just went through my cookbooks and found about 20 to list on eBay. Power to you in finding your $3000!

Mom L said...

Everything Claire said! You can do it.....

Anonymous said...

Good resolutions. I never thought about Ebay. We hauled a truck load of stuff to Goodwill yesterday and I started going through cookbooks to discard last night. Ebay, here I come!!
Happy New Year and good luck with the resolutions.