Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pass That Buck

Please put your hands together and join me in welcoming Mayberry's own
2009 Track & Field Team!

Congrats ladies!

Way to make it through hunting season!


Mom L said...

Oh, my gosh! And the strands of - hay? - even make lane dividers, although these dear deer don't seem to feel a need to stay in the lines. Hopefully you'll one day see a gorgeous Bambi who also beat the hunters! Has Olive tried to herd them?

Love you!

Claire said...

Way to go! Where are the hurdles?!

Mom - just FYI (cuz ya gotta learn about Iowa now), those are corn stems, more commonly known as "stubble." They'll probably get tilled under in the spring at planting time. The deer eat the stubble, but they nose around for kernels that fell out at harvest time, so they love hanging out in corn fields.

Last year I had a fawn in my yard, maybe a few days old. I actually was going to dump some sod out of the wheelbarrow and went to the edge of the woods to do so, and nearly dumped it on the poor thing. I got some awesome photos. It even let me pet it on the head (couldn't resist).

Mom L said...

Claire - you're an angel! Keep educating me. I was born up north to a city (Elmira, NY) father and country farm girl (Gillett, PA) Mom, but grew up mostly in Florida. Don't know nothin' 'bout no farmin'!!! I'd love to see your fawn photos.

Savannah Belle said...

I love the photos!! If I knew how to use the camera on my new cell phone (or the phone itself and if I carried on my early morning walks) I would have taken a picture of the deer that nearly ran over me and Daisy Mae this morning! We heard a noise and it was a deer jumping over a privacy fence and right out on to the road where we were! Popeeno saw six down there the other morning. That is six houses from ours, right next to Mike's. They are so pretty but look like dogs compared to the ones you have in Iowa. We have no corn fields for them to feed on. Wonder what they eat? They live in the woods behind us.

Claire said...

I grew up in the city and only visited farms when we went to see my grandfather in England, because he didn't have a farm but he lived near lots of sheep farmers. Anyway, I only learned about farming after I did my second degree at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, and then when I moved to Iowa!

Mom L said...

S.B. - amazing! The only wildlife I ever saw on my walks in Savannah when Di was in college were squirrels and pigeons!

Claire - you learned well!

Mom L said...

Oh, and I did a lot of hands-on volunteer work at a zoo in MD a few years ago. Loved those animals!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Great pictures! I am always glad when hunting season is over, not that I have anything against hunting at all, but out of all the good, responsible hunters...there is also a few yahoos out there with a gun too and I worry about my goats or horse getting shot during hunting season.