Friday, January 02, 2009

Sasquatch Sighting In Iowa

Well I stayed true to one promise yesterday, I made my first ever New Year's Day dish all by myself! I followed a RECIPE and used measuring cups and spoons(thanks MIL!), and used the stove AND the oven at the same time! I was so proud I had to take pictures of the process because trust me- an event such as this is kind of like spotting the infamous Bigfoot. PRETTY RARE.

Question, why does the water turn green when you boil the peas? I don't get it.

Look at me mixing spices and using fancy bay leaves!

Now here's where I got a little confused, the recipe called for minced garlic. Me not sure how to mince- hmmm- scratching head and grunting.

So I used the blender, is that wrong? It felt right.

I even chopped up jalapenos to add a little kick to my cornbread. Look out Paula Deen, there's a new cook in town.

And here they are fresh out of the oven, so perty.

Check out the finished product!

And when I was finally finished in the kitchen, my comedic husband said, "Tell the kitchen goodbye and that you'll visit again next year." Very Funny.
I must confess that I added some sour cream on top, but I didn't want photographic evidence of any extra fat added to the meal, yesterday being the first day of my eating healthier and all.
And speaking of cheating, I had 3 cigarettes too. Boo. But way better than a pack.
Maybe I can make it through today without cheating. Fingers crossed.


Claire said...

Wow! I love the step-by-step instructions on the meal. Great detail! The blender was a good idea. I have a garlic press thingy that makes minced garlic. The chickens love it. :-)

I hope you didn't rub your eyes after mincing those jalapenos. Well, of course not, otherwise you would no doubt have blogged about the searing pain.

Congrats on getting down to 3. Keep it up! I'm rooting for you!

Mom L said...

This is awesome! I am completely impressed, my child. And our other family, waiting to hear the results of your first NYDay dinnr, would be very proud. I'm so glad no one took pictures of my early cooking attempts - sunkin apple pies, burned biscuits, partially raw pheasant!!!

And a big congrats on the cigs. Love you!

Mom L said...

OMG - my fingers didn't type right! Sorry about the typos - gives you another opportunity to laugh at me!

Joanna said...

looks like it turned out pretty good, start leaving homemade treats for the mailman.

Lola said...

your cornbread makes me horny

Anonymous said...

Your meal looks beautiful! I am impressed! Next you will be adding your own recipes to the Onawa cookbook! Or how about your own cooking calendar complete with photos? That cornbread was picture perfect! I have used the garlic in those little jars that is already minced up. I don't think it is as strong as fresh but convenient. I am getting lazy.
Congrats on only three cigs. Keep us the good work!

Anonymous said...

Well, I too seem to be having difficutly in typing--two days in a row. I meant up instead of us. Isn't it funny how one little letter can change the whole meaning of a sentence?? Yesterday when I sent my weekly news letter I type "pup" instead of "pub". I guess our friend intends to visit all the pups in Savannah instead of pubs. Oh well, the only two people that commented on that were Popeeno and Mike. Go figure.