Monday, January 19, 2009

Drive-by Shooting

Darrin was on the phone the other day with the power company reporting our outage, among other questions they asked him if our neighbors had lost power too- he just laughed and said, "um, we don't have neighbors."
The closest house is at the end of our road over a mile away, and that doesn't even seem strange to me anymore. It's been 5 months since we left our old 'Big City' life behind and I still can't believe what a different world it is out here. I still can't believe what a peaceful place we've's like a parallel universe or something.
So today I'm going to take you on a quick tour of our new hood. I'm going to shoot for you some of the little things that make me smile these days.
Yes mom, it will be almost like you were riding along with us!

So we head out on Orange Ave-down on the left is the neighbor.

I love the sky. I never really paid attention to it in Atlanta.

Cows! I still yell out "cows!" when I see them.

This is our traffic. Exactly-there isn't any.

See, it's not all flat! We have hills!

Fun farm thingies filled with corn. Corn!

2 guys ice fishing!

I love this barn, it has cartoon farm animals on it.


The snow is so pretty it makes me think of sand dunes.

More cows! And look at that sky.

A doe!

And back to Orange Ave...up the gravel road about a mile is our house.

And that's what I call a Drive-by shooting.
In our new world.


Joanna said...

beautiful photo's Diane, I especially like the 2nd one down.

A photographer that's not in to the big-city sky? on my.

Mom L said...

Oh, Punkin, it's a good thing I went to the bathroom as soon as I got home and before I opened your blogsite! Just the heading of "drive-by shooting" made me cringe and shake, until I read further! Yeah, that's what living in Atlanta does to you. Your photos are awesome, but are you sure you aren't in North Dakota? Photo #10 looks like it came from the movie "Fargo", one of my all-time faves. And how you've grown - 37 years ago you called cows, "puppies!!!" You were always destined to have dogs! Thanks for taking me along for the ride. Love you!!

Claire said...

See what you did to your mother. I read the title and laughed and said to myself "we don't have drive-by shootings in Iowa..." but I would know that, and she wouldn't. Shame on you! ;-)

Nancy - for the record, we don't have drive-by shootings in Iowa. Not that I ever heard of, anyway. I think you should move to Iowa.

I still call out "Hi cows" every time we pass some, and we actually wave at the cows. I used to do this with sheep also, but now that I have some in my own yard, it's different. I don't have cows, so I still say hi to them.

Mom L said...

Claire, I'm glad you still talk to stranger cows. Diane used to get upset with me when I visited her in college in Savannah, because I talked to the squirrels that populated the squares! She insisted they were flying rats and thought I should be a little more selective. But I'll talk to any animal....

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Beautiful pictures! I loved them, they look so peaceful!

Claire said... need a squirrel attitude adjustment.

Mom L said...

Claire, you made me LOL! I think Diane might be more forgiving of squirrels now that she's in open country and falling in love with every creature she sees (except mice). Now my sister, that's another story! Bonnie, are you reading this?

Anonymous said...

OMG, DIL!! You out did yourself on this one! The pictures are wonderful and there are plenty to chose from for you own calendar! And greeting cards!! The sky is gorgeous! It sort of makes you forget how cold it gets. I love the barn but I sure couldn't say which is my favorite! We have those grey squirrels here and they will not let the birds eat their food. We have feeders that are squirrel proof but the food attracts them so they just chew on the house. Rats with long tails!
They are cute--but. S.B.