Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It's time for me to start generating some income around here or D is going to make me go get a job-and we certainly can't have that. He's been very patient and supportive knowing it will take some time for me to start over in a new town and build a new photo client base...but I'm starting to feel like The Biggest Loser watching him leave for work while I sit around and talk to the dogs all day.
I read an article that said, "the typical person has 50 unused items worth $3,000 right in their homes, according to eBay." I know right. But it got me thinking about that TBS show Junkin that I used to love to watch, and how I could gather all of my junk for a 'virtual garage sale'... and why not sell my prints, note cards, calendars, photo stuff too? Why not have an Ebay storefront that will have fun junk AND art for sale? Why Not?
So I got an Ebay storefront but before I can set it up I have to give it a name, and the name can't be changed once I register it.
Oh the pressure!
I like my "Loess Is More" theme so I thought "More Or Loess Junk" would be funny. But I guess calling my photography 'Junk' is probably not good.
I need a catchy name so I can get movin' on this...or else it's just going to end up in the can along with the rest of my brilliant ideas.

Like my Lizzie greeting card line...

or my 'Trailer Park Yard Art" coffee table book......

or my funny post cards of zoo animals....

.....just to name a few.

I know, Loess talk, more action!

Anyone got an idea for a store name??


Claire said...

I want a Lizzie greeting card. Faced with one of those, I would be powerloess to resist buying it.

I'm in legal, not marketing. I can write your legal disclaimers. I can't come up with store names. It's not in my contract.

T Lee said...

OK...How about:

More or Loess great stuff for sale

Loess stuff equals Moe Money

I O Wa so I Sella

yep, it's harder than one would think

T Lee said... more

Dodds and Ends For Sale

Anonymous said...

for petes sake or help feed banjo

T Lee said...

Well..if ya want to get really silly

For Pete's Sake, Olive this stuff, Banjou will, too!

Joanna said...



Claire said...

Ok, as your legal advisor/consultant, I have a recommendation.

Priceloess Treasures.

Or just "Priceloess"

See, this works for your art photography, as well as your crazy stuff.

But of course, this is not a name suggestion. This is a legal recommendation. Totally different animal. Woof.

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

I was going to make the suggestion of "More for Loess" but I like Claire's ideas! Priceloess treasures is really cute!

Diane L. Dodd said...

wow- thanks for all of the great ideas! tammy- dodds and ends is pretty good :)
and claire- i LOVE priceloess treasures!
now i have to get movin on my store, no excuses.
i want to start signing my name

Mom L said...

Sorry I haven't commented, Punkin. Still sick. So very sick....yecchh. Can't think. Love you

Anonymous said...

How about: Olive PB & D's