Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Daily Planet

If only I had my zoom lens with me yesterday, I could have gotten a great shot of the car fire we saw on our way to town. Then I could have taken that great shot to our little paper who in turn would have been so impressed they would have offered me a job as senior photographer of The Mayberry Press. I could have been the next Jimmy Olsen of this town. But no, yesterday I didn't have a zoom lens with me. Yesterday the great shot I got was of some smoke coming out of a tiny yellow dot next to a somewhat larger red dot.

I did manage to get a cute shot of this cow though.
That's big news right?

Where's Clark Kent when I need him?


Claire said...

Hi cow!! (waving)

Lola said...

i meant to tell you in the other post, every time i drive past cows i yell "cows!" too. i went to gainesville on sunday to visit the crackhead family and there was a field of cows and little cow-lettes and i screamed out to the no one in my car "baby cows! hahahahaha!" effing psycho.

Claire said...

Cow-lettes. Tee hee hee!

Never heard them called that. I love it.

My goat is about to have goat-lettes. Bwwwaaaahahahahaha....

(small things for a small mind)

Mom L said...

Your MIL and I despair of ever training you to keep your critical camera equipment with you at all times!!! Ah, well, it's The Mayberry Press's "loess".

At least you got that great cow shot - another for your calendar folder?!!! Even she seems to be tsking because you didn't have your zoom. Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Im proud of you for not smoking.

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

I wish I had some eggs hatching..then I could have chick-lettes. I couldn't resist! Now I want candy, darn.

I love the cow picture, there is something about those big, wet, flat noses of theirs that is so cute to me.

beth said...

thats great.
I hope you never get complacent with the cows.
mike and i also do the same with almost any wildlife.
when we hiked the swiss alps and saw all these beautiful cows just roaming around,well clearly we had to pet them and take pictures and video and the swiss looked at us as though we were not right in the head.my dad was even a little embarrassed.