Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grounded For Life

We woke up this morning to about 6 inches of snow-the most we've seen so far!
Olive was the first to notice the white blanket that covered the deck.

And the first to longingly stare out the door.

Of course they never want to go downstairs to play outside in the snow where the yard is fenced in. Oh no, they want to take off and chase deer for an hour or 2, come home exhausted, and then sleep for a day. Way to go Olive, now Pete wants to go out and run too.

We don't let them do it very often, but every once in awhile we give in.

But mostly we just barricade the deck so they can't run off.
They hate it when we do that.
Doh! Sorry Banjo, today is a barricade day.

That's right Pete, you don't get to run today either.

But today they REALLY wanted to chase deer-
so much that they stood at the front door
and looked real pathetic...

I couldn't take it.

I caved.

Have fun kids. Be careful.

See you in a few hours....

****Did I say a few hours?
Um-they left around 10 this morning and they JUST got home- it's almost 8pm!
I wrote this post hours ago, but I was so worried about the idiots that I couldn't post it.
All I could think of is how horrible I would feel if they never came back and the last picture on my blog would be of their paw prints in the snow after I let them out.

I sure do hope they enjoyed their LAST deer run EVER.


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

oh yeah, I would have been frantic. they were gone 10 hours? omg. we let our three out for the big-freedom run every once in a while but they just stay gone a few minutes. glad they made it back safely.

Lola Nova said...

Sounds like what would happen if I let my 3 1/2 year old out the front door. We had to install a chain when she learned how to unlock the door, I found her a half a block away and had a complete heart attack. She would probably hop a freight train to South America and never look back- given the chance.
I am so glad your buddies made home safe and sound.

Claire said...

Holy guacamole! 10 hours! I'd have been going insane. Stickley is a track rescue and, as such, is never allowed out off leash, because he will chase anything small that moves. Except for the pigeon, which scares him. They are great at chasing, but have no clue how to get home, and have a bad habit of running in front of moving vehicles. That is the end of many an escaped greyhound.

I'm so glad your troops made it home.

Mom L said...

OMG, I would have had a coronary! As I almost did while you and D were in Omaha for the first time, the trees fell on your fence here and B & O got out. But when I drove into your yard, they both came running up to my car, after being out all afternoon and night. Too many dangers out in the big corn country. Damn scamps! I'm glad you didn't tell me earlier that they were MIA.

Claire, you mean brave Stickley is afraid of the pigeon?!!!

Mom L said...

And I think your last picture might have been of their doggie behinds as they raced away! Do you suppose Olive herded deer all day (like the cows she herded in Texas)??

I still love you, even if you "lost" my granddogs for a day.

beth said...

you cant lock them up!! they are destined to run around like that!!
please dont turn into my mom..she wont let her poor cat out if conditions arent just right..the result is a miserable kitty.humans have domesticated these poor animals way too much!!

Savannah Belle said...

The point is they all came home again. There isn't enough traffic to bother much. You and D are very protective parents. Let them have fun! They will come home, wagging their tails behind them>

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Great pictures, but they make me want to go turn my heater up! Is Iowa always so snowy in the winter? Of course this year we have gotten what seems like a lot less snow than normal. PS, I nominated you for the Butterfly Award! Check out my blog for the details! (2nd post down)

Diane L. Dodd said...

you guys made us feel guilty so we let them out again today. pete is home now but the other 2 are still least it is almost 30 degrees today instead of 9.
and to answer the snow question- this is my first iowa winter so i don't know what it's usually like. we've heard from locals that this has been a mild winter which makes me a little nervous!!!