Saturday, December 20, 2008

1,000 Miles Down

We left Onawa at about 8am yesterday morning and headed for Atlanta. Lots of snow everywhere and about 15 degrees out. Here is a shot of the courthouse on our way out of town.

And of course a shot of my feet on ice-I know, I'm weird.

Banjo was so excited that he got to come with us and didn't have to go to doggie jail with Pete and Olive.

We were barely on the highway 10 minutes when we saw a car in the ditch. A few weeks ago a local told me that Iowa stands for 'Idiots Out Wandering Around'.....interesting.

Hey look.. a duck in the sky.

Hey look, another car in a ditch. At this point I thought it might be fun to keep count of how many we saw along the way.

Driving, driving, driving, lalala.... then I saw a sign for 'Nostalgiaville USA' 14 miles ahead. OMG I talked D into stopping. It was awesome.

Hey look...another ditch car. Can you guess what number this one is? Ummmm...27! We saw a total of 27 cars in ditches. Damn.

10 hours on the road:

Made it to St. Louis just in time for Friday rush hour traffic, I was so pissed that this was the only picture I got of the damn Arch. Seriously? B.F.A. in Photography what?

BUT since it was such a Griswald experience I figured it was meant to be.

Anywho, we drove a total of 15 hours and finally decided to call it a night in Chattanooga and stop. Exhausted. Checked into the Hampton, crashed into bed and turned on the TV and guess what was on? EUROPEAN VACATION! Omg perfect.
Got to Atlanta at about 10:30 this morning......


Mom L said...

I'm just glad you made it in one piece (each) and didn't become one of those ditch decorations. Really very happy to see all 3 of you and, Banjo, maybe Emma will eventually come out from under the bed!

Joanna said...

whew, that's a looong road trip. Glad you kept it between the lines. I got the card, I have it up on the wall at work so everybody can see it and they know I'm an animal lover. Thank you, Happy, Merry