Saturday, December 27, 2008

Elvis & Cornbread

Our big day in Nashville is finally here. First stop the pet resort to drop Banjo for the day and night.
It's OK Banjo, we will be back in the morning I promise.

Pooooooooooooooooor Banjo.

Dog free for the day our next stop was 'Tootsies'

We went inside but didn't see anyone famous.

Unless you count Elvis.

Or other fake famous people.

Another double Elvis sighting...or could have been the whiskey effect.

Had to hit a gift shop...

and REALLY wish I had bought this. A CORN DOG!

Speaking of dogs-this is really embarrassing but after about 5 hours we missed Banjo and went back to get him out of the resort. Seriously retarded. funny thing is they didn't even charge us for his short stay!
I guess we are just old and boring, because after rescuing Banjo we hit Bar-B-Cuties and went back to the room and consumed cornbread shaped like pancakes.

Then we called it a night.
We have turned into cornbread shaped LOSERS.


Mom L said...

I was about to email to see what you'd been doing all day, then decided to stop in here just in case you posted your adventures! You're good dog parents - you went back and got Banjo! Bet you would have let Pete stay all night if he'd been with you!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I bet you even miss Mayberry so much you will head back there today!! Back to the corn.

Savannah Belle

Joanna said...

Yeah, you rescued Banjo. I like following the adventures of Banjo.