Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mr. Mailman Strikes Again

Just in case you missed one of my previous posts about how thoughtful our mailman is, you can read about him HERE.
Today is the most snow I've seen so far, maybe 6 or 7 inches?
Well Mr. Mailman just pulled up to HAND DELIVER our mail, probably so I wouldn't have to walk out and get it. I love him!

My Atlanta mailman would never have done that. Oh no, not even with enveolopes marked 'PHOTOS DO NOT BEND', He would've just crammed them into my box. This recently discovered 'mailman love' I am feeling is something very new and exciting for me. If anyone has an idea of something creative and fun I could leave him for Christmas, please let me know!

In the meantime....I'll just be here acting like a Southern Tard who has never seen any of this fluffy white stuff before.


beth said...

hey,I dont know nothing about being creative but maybe you could hand make him a special card and offer your photo services for a free family pic of he and mrs mailwoman for his xmas gift.I should think he would like a bigtime city photographer to offer this..

Mom L said...

Beth has a great idea! Go for it. And - are you actually making snow angels?

clp said...

a hand job?

E Mickey P, B.A., M.A., M.Arch said...

I gotta agree with clp here.

Diane L. Dodd said...

beth-cute idea
chaney and erin-WRONG SO WRONG ; )