Sunday, December 21, 2008

Atlanta Shortstop

No, I'm not talking about Rafael Furcal. I'm talking about our one day stop in Atlanta where we were too tired to do anything. Seriously NOTHING. Mostly visited with my mom and apologized for Banjo scaring her cat into hiding from the time we got there until we left. (Sorry Emma!)
We hit the road today around noon and made Banjo pose by the big Smyrna Christmas tree on the way out, he was thrilled as you can see.

Yep. More pictures of the dog.

Next we headed south to Statesboro to visit Darrin's old diving buddy. He has been collecting things he finds in the coastal waters for the past 30 years.
These are a few of my favorite things..(isn't that a song?)
This is a whale vertebrae-I swear to God. (the Coke can is the only thing I could find for a size reference.)

And here are a few arrowheads from his collection.

And he found these shells and grapeshots from the civil war.

Very cool stuff!

And here is Bob and Monty, Alton's 14 years old big boys who each weigh about 190 pounds. I have never seen such big Rotties in my life! Banjo sure did have fun with them though, probably because they couldn't move fast enough to catch him.

Ok, hittin the hay now.
Tomorrow we will be in Savannah...and I guarantee I'll find tons of crazy shit to blog about from there.


Mom L said...

Hi, Gang! Cool pix of Banjo with that big tree. It took Emma a while of carefully checking out rooms to believe "The Dawg" was actually gone. At one point my evil nature came out and I called out, "Hi, Banjo" and she came running into the living room to check! Have a fun drive on to Savannah. Love you!!

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful picture of Banjo next to the tree. I just told Daisy Mae he will be here later today and she is so excited!! (Imagine HER being excited) Poor Banjo. No more laying around for him. And as for blog material, leave your poooooorrr MIL alone. The rest is fair game. Be careful and I can hardly wait to see you!

Savannah Belle

Lola said...


Joanna said...

I hope Santa Claus finds you in Georgia and is good to ya Banjo.