Sunday, December 07, 2008

Fun Farm Art

D and I drove to Des Moines yesterday for a surprise party for one of his cousins. I thought I would include some FUN things we saw along the way.
These fabulous things are called Barn Quilts.

Next up was Big Albert, the biggest cow in the country. Unfortunately Al was 40 miles out of our way so I only got this post card of him.

Now I loved this but have to admit I was a little depressed to see it, because this was one of MY brilliant ideas when we first moved here. It was an idea that I had come up with for some extra money, painting propane tanks around town with fun designs. I'm serious, just ask my MIL.

This one just made me smile....

SO those were a few fun farm things we saw on our big city trip to Des Moines.

Of course I had to include this little sign in the restroom that CRACKED ME UP.
Who doesn't flush stool? I know I do.


Mom L said...

So, did you take a picture of the stool, too?

Anonymous said...

You are crazy but I love it!

Susie said...

I didn't know you were blogging until you sent the link about your grandmother- so sweet!! Anyway- I can NOT believe you didn't visit big AL... We sure went out of our way to see world's largest ball of twain, but I guess the spinach capital of the world was on our way... If I ever visit- we may have to visit big AL! ;-) TCB!

beth said...

thats so funny..
saw a bathroom sign last night...

on tampon applicator box on the wall it read
please put you tampon applicator in this box and someone handwrote.."and not your vomit."

clp said...

omg i just laughed at beth's comment. so i would like to comment on her comment.