Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pie Trivia

Yesterday D and I drove around so I could get some snow pics for ya'll back home.
Here we go...

This is along the main road to our house.

This is one of our neighbors.

This is the view from the sunroof.

This just cracked me up.

And this is Main Street in our little town of Mayberry Onawa.

P.S.- did you know that Onawa is the birthplace of the Eskimo Pie?
Who knew?


Joanna said...

The "Eskimo Pie", came into existence under another name as well. What was the "Eskimo Pie" first called?

The "I-Scream-Bar"
A salesman/schoolteacher named Christian Kent Nelson came up with this new frozen treat around 1920.

How is an "Eskimo Pie" made?

Dipping an ice cream bar into chocolate . According to the article Mr. Nelson came up with the idea for his creation after seeing a young boy trying to decide to buy either an ice cream or a candy bar with his treat money. In 1921, Mr. Nelson teamed with candy maker Russell C. Stover to produce the re-named "Eskimo Pie".

By 1922 how many "Eskimo Pies" were being sold daily?


According to the article these were huge sales for the time and supposedly caused a price spike of 50 per cent in the cost of cocoa beans. In 1934 "Eskimo Pies" got a stick added to hold it, which pleased parents as their children's hands stayed much cleaner and less sticky.

Mom L said...

Mom wants to know:
Are your neighbors nice? Do they nibble your bushes?
Does Santa deliver toys with the tractor?
Will there be a Christmas parade down Main Street?
Do you call it a snow roof in the winter?

Anonymous said...

Ilove the pictures! Are they with your "real" camera or your phone? They look like great pictures for a calendar!!

Savannah Belle

beth said...

will you mail me a pie?