Monday, December 01, 2008

Master Of His Domain

I really have no sympathy for people who let their dogs trash everything in the house. Seriously, that is totally pathetic and weak and uncalled for.
No sympathy.
MY dogs would NEVER act like that.
They would never destroy a brand new man chair.

And if by chance they did decide to destroy a brand new chair, they would at least hide a rawhide in the cushion of said destroyed chair. Which would totally crack me up and distract me from beating the utter living SHIT out of them.

I'm so glad our perfect dogs would never do something like that.
And when I say 'dogs' I mean Pete.


Mom L said...

Oh, no!! I'll bet Banjo and Olive make sure Pete takes the blame! I remember their room in Smyrna.

Lola said...

do i need to say it again? texas pete is my freakin' hero.

Savannah Belle said...

Along with mouse stew we would have barbqued Pete

Joanna said...

Until you look up from the bathroom sink and see your two dogs playing tug-of-war with your bra... you've got it easy.