Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Road

Today we head out on our 1300 mile roadtrip from Turin to Atlanta to Savannah with a stop in Nashville at some point too. We don't have any concrete plans, just going to wing it along the way. I think the best trips are the ones without too much planning!
We've decided to allow ONE dog to come with us, and the winner is our very best boy Banjo.

It's gonna be a looooooooooooong trip. One of my friends said, "1,300 miles? Each way? That's Griswold long!"
It sure is.
I'm sure the next 10 days or so of posts from our 'Holiday Road' adventures are going to be very interesting.........stay tuned.


Joanna said...

after watching that video, drive safely :-)

Mom L said...

Oh, dear! Please don't leave Banjo tied to the truck when you drive away! As your Gram always said when I left the house: "Have fun and be careful!" See you soon, kids!

Lola said...

Griswold long! ahahahahahahaaaaa!!! "Roll em up!"

get me a magnet from Nashville...