Friday, December 26, 2008

Love Your Mother

It's always hard to say goodbye to your mom when it is time to head back home. Thank God ours always manage to say or do something that makes it a little easier to leave them.
As we were pulling out of the driveway in Savannah Darrin's mom waved and said, "be careful, have fun in Nashville, find a cardboard camera and take lots of pictures, ok?"
Um what? I think Savannah Belle had been in the eggnog already this morning. We cracked up about that all the way to Atlanta. And when we got to Atlanta, we were greeted at the door by my mom sporting her BRIGHT green shirt that said, 'Ask me about my Granddog'. OMG.
If it's not one thing it's your mother!
Which is probably what Banjo was thinking when I got him this Atlanta gas station souvenir.

Sorry Banjo, couldn't resist.


Anonymous said...

I figured you needed a camera. Oh well, that went over your HEADS. Probably still had too many visions of sugar plumbs dancing in your heads. Or visions of Evan. So far all I have pictures of is that DUMB hat on poor Banjo. You should have stopped at Rite Aide. You know he is embarrassed to wear that. I am embarrassed to see my grand dog wearing that!
Savannah Belle

Mom L said...

/Well, darn, your other mother beat me to it! I swear that when I looked here this AM the post wasn't up yet, and I thought you'd be too busy hitting the Nashville sights to write! And I might be silly, but your post brought those long-delayed goodbye tears to my eyes! Love you both!

Mom L said...

And sorry, S.B., but I think he's cute in that hat! He looks very important.