Sunday, December 28, 2008

Goodbye Grits

Today is our last day in the south so we figured we'd better get over to the Awful Waffle for some grits because we can't get them at home in Mayberry.

Mmmmmmmmmmm grits!

Banjo refused to face the camera for his Waffle House shot.

And since yesterday just wasn't the same without Banjo, I thought on our way out of Nashville we should show him some of the things he missed while he was in the slammer pet resort.

Banjo loved the 'Musica' statue on Buddy Killen Circle.

And although this is the best shot ever, sadly I didn't plan it that way! I only noticed how perfect it was after I uploaded the pictures. Awesome.

Got a better view of the St. Louis Arch this time too.

We drove a few more hours and called it a night in St. Joseph, MO.
Tomorrow we will only have about 3 hours of driving until we are back home.
Ahhhh, back to the corn MaƱana.


Mom L said...

Banjo, the famous butt-sniffing dog! Do I need to send you a box of grits that you can make at home?!! I've talked to you since this post, so I know you made it safely home. Sounds like Banjo wishes he were back on the road! Love you,

Joanna said...

umm boy, no grits in Iowa. can ya get sweet tea in Iowa?

Diane L. Dodd said...

Our McDonalds has sweet tea, and I think that is the only spot in town to find it! :)