Monday, December 08, 2008

Jack And Jill

D and I have been taking food and blankets to Jack and Jill, 2 homeless dogs we discovered a few weeks back that live under a bridge near our house. They are very scared and won't ever let us get close to them, I can't even get a picture of them!

Here is the bed D made for them under the bridge.

And our spoiled idiots going nuts as usual while D checks on J&J.

We thought maybe if D took our good dog Banjo with him that J&J might be curious enough to come close to us but that didn't work either, they just ran as usual.

Even our bad dog Texas Pete worries about them.

Hopefully they will come to us someday soon so we can find a warm home for them....

Mom, I don't want this sad entry to upset you, so I'll end with this pic of my 'sister' for ya.


Mom L said...

That is so sweet! I hope J&J manage to stay warm this winter. Pete definitely looks worried, but I imagine Olive is thinking, "No! Not more stray dogs!" Banjo, though, has a good heart. And thank you very much for the picture of Emma.
Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Diane, you already run an animal shelter. Maybe Texas Pete could stay at the bridge to help the other two?? Look at it this way--the house would stay in one piece.

P.S. I forgot my user name already. And now it says my password too. You know who this is, don't you?

Mom L said...

Hey, is that Savannah Belle?

Lola said...

goddamn i love texas pete