Monday, December 15, 2008

Look Mom, Snow!

Here is a little snow movie for your pleasure. And yes, I now realize the thermometer read
10 BELOW, not 10. Not sure why I had such a hard time reading it at the time. Maybe I had a brain freeze. Hardy Har.

Or perhaps my mind had just drifted to a warm place far far away.

Ahhhh, Mexico.
Yep- I think that's what happened.


clp said...

omg. no no no. that's not cool. well, i mean, it IS, but you get my point.

Mom L said...

Where's your hat!!! ??? (That's the Mom in me talking.) This is awesome - but even I could read that the thermometer showed 10 below!!

Anonymous said...

with that wind whipping that way i wonder what the wind chill factor was. you have heard of wind chill factors by i am sure. judging the wind, and 10 below actual i would say it was near 40 below. get back in the house and put your hat and gloves on. oh well, at that temp, they really don't do much good. i am not going to iowa until it warms up. savannah belle..
oh, it is 76 today, hot and going to be 80 by weds. does that help??