Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Banjo Gump

It is so nice to back on our old stomping grounds in Savannah, GA. I thought it would be fun to put Banjo next to touristy things we wouldn't have been caught dead posing by when we were locals. Here we go:

#1 The Waving Girl

#2 The Olympic Torch Sculpture

#3 Lady & Sons (Paula Dean's Restaurant) Hey Y'all!

#4 Forrest Gump's Square

#5 Bernie's on Riverstreet
Now, Bernie's used to be called Mates and that's where we all threw down back in the day. The reason for the picture is this fancy new sign they put up since we were here last..oh Savannah, why do you have to go a changin?

And OMG- I think this poor tourist was trying to give Banjo some change! Good Boy!

#6 The SCAD Box Office

#7 Bonaventure Cemetery... Last but not least, this is my favorite place in Savannah. And of course I had to pose Banjo by my favorite Angel.

This particular angel and I go way back.
Merry Christmas my Angel.

For every soul, there is a guardian watching it - The Koran

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Mom L said...

Oh, Savannah - I really loved that town when you were at SCAD. But never in Summer! Banjo needs to have his own travel book. Merry Christmas, Punkin, your dear D, and Banjo!