Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mayberry Mail

We all have at least one friend that knows us inside and out, right? Someone that shares the same sick sense of humor, someone that laughs with you, not at you. Well, at you sometimes but only when you act like a Tard. Anyway, this wedding gift just arrived from one of my friends that totally fits the above description.
She made us this one of a kind monogrammed serving platter....

It fits us to a T, right down to the Evan Williams bottles.
Awesome. Thank You CLP, we LOVE it!

And speaking of mail and things I love, I've been meaning to write about something our mailman did for us. Our mailbox was kind of on it's last leg and I had been looking for a new one on Ebay but never could find just the right one. A few weeks ago our mailman told me he had found an old mailbox at the dump and was going to fix it up and paint it if I was interested... um yeah! So a few days later the dogs were going nuts barking as usual at the front window, so I peeked out and there was Mr. Mailman with his cordless drill, removing our old mailbox and attaching the one he had found.....

How thoughtful is that?
I think he said it is about 50 years old, and I think those are BB holes....PERFECT.
We wouldn't trade it for anything. Only in Mayberry!

And speaking of Mayberry, how funny is the mail below that had no problem making it to our house?

HAHA! Mr. Mailman must have written my name and zip code on it.
I love it.


Mom L said...

Remarkable! I already love your town and I haven't even seen it yet. Don't forget to fix up the root cellar for me to live in!

T said...

Such a real and wholesome life for such a tainted girl!!! JK! I am feelin' happy for your nice life out there in paradise! Can't beat nice folks, period!!!

beth said... all the personal touches in the country life..this city living sucks..

Anonymous said...

love the "male" box