Friday, December 05, 2008

Turkey Fries

Have you ever heard of Turkey Fries? Neither had I until today.
Apparently they are a delicacy out here in our new part of the world.
Here's a clue: read what it says next to Monday Night.

And they aint talkin' about cashews.
Seriously, people really EAT Turkey 'Fries'?
On purpose?
YEP! (thanks for this clip dad!)
Luckily they only serve them here on Mondays.


Joanna said...

I was at a cafe today that had a special combo - chicken nuggets, onion rings,and shrimp fries. My srever said that shrimp fries had shrimp in the place of potato. I didn't order the combo though so didn't try 'em.

T again said...

Ummmm, wow! I totally did not know turkeys had nuts! wink ;)

Mom L said...

Right out of your Funny Farm movie! Darrin, I mean Chevy Chase, and the lamb fries? Or something that wasn't potato......And cripes, T, I didn't know about turkey nuts, either!!! Acckk.