Monday, December 22, 2008


Before we hit the road Alton showed me this nasty black widow that lives in his yard. I've never seen one of these in real life and it was pretty creepy.

We made it to Savannah and relaxed most of the day. I got the honor of looking at Darrin's 'box of pictures' from his mother's attic. I don't know what scared me more; the black widow or these pictures of my hubby from the 80's. Hmmmmm.

Hey sexy, goin my way?


Mom L said...

Damn, he's cute!!! D, not the spider. I've seen and held a lot of critters, but never one of those! I'll take the 80# Burmese Python I once knew any day.

clp said...

OMG. d can be one of those ppl in the olin mills email. omg. that is the best pic. i can't even take it.

Lola said...

diggin the boombox. pass the dutchy.